Convenience and Many More Advantages Await All Mobile Casino Gamers

New Zealand is a small country in comparison with Australia and South Africa, our near neighbors in the southern hemisphere. As a small country, you might think that there is little advantage to an online casino as opposed to a nearby land based casino. There are a lot of advantages to playing on line instead of playing “on land”.

In this article, we’ll just explore the many advantages of playing at a mobile casino over travelling to a land based casino.

Obviously, Convenience

Every gamer likes to have quick and easy access to his or her favourite casino. You travel to a land-based casino but a mobile casino stays with you at all times. In a very real sense, a mobile casino travels with you!

Spin whenever and wherever!

Free Spins on the Go!

Your free spins don’t have to wait until you get home and settle down in front of your computer. Choose one of our recommended casinos and enjoy your  free spins on the go – on your mobile phone or tablet. You decide when and you decide where. On the train, on the beach or on break at work – you’ll love the convenience of playing your free spins on the go!

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Time Spent Gaming

The convenience of playing at a mobile casino means that you don’t feel any pressure to get in as much gambling as you can. At a land-based casino, you definitely feel that you need to get your money’s worth of gambling to justify all those nasty travel expenses you incur getting to the casino for a long weekend or a short holiday.

When you play at a mobile casino, you can play for a minute, five minutes, or longer but it’s a lot easier to just play for a short time.

An American philosopher and social observer of the middle of the twentieth century, Marshall McLuhan, said that “the medium is the message”. In the world of gaming that is very true indeed! A mobile casino is so convenient that you can avail yourself of its inherent convenience for as long or as short a time as you like.

Mobile Bonuses

Some mobile casinos offer extra incentives to new players to sign up through the mobile casino. These come in two forms: free play or deposit bonuses.

Free Play Bonus

The free play bonus also comes in two parts: free spins and a no deposit cash bonus. The free spins mobile bonus is usually an offer for a given number of free spins on a dedicated pokies game. Some mobile casinos give you some flexibility as to which pokies you can play with your free spins. The number of free spins also varies from casino to casino. They may be for as little as 50 free spins to a few hundred. Even 50 free spins are a great way to find out if you like the mobile casino. If you do, you’ll keep the app on your smartphone.

As a smartphone user, you know that it has the capacity for a very large number of apps so you can also put apps for more than one mobile casino on your phone. The days when you had to download a heavy online casino to the hard drive on your desktop are long gone!

The free spins no deposit mobile casino bonus gives you money at no cost so you can play the mobile casino’s games. The money amounts to a free spins bonus if you choose to play pokies. But the casino also lets you choose the games you want to play with your no deposit bonus. This makes a no deposit bonus another great way to “travel” through a mobile casino to see if you like it.

Clear Your Mind

Sometimes we need a quick diversion just to clear our mind for the moment. There are many ways to do so and mobile gaming is merely one of them. But mobile gaming is a lot faster and accessible than many other methods of clearing one’s mind.

You can go swimming, jogging, or hiking but that entails getting into a different set of clothes at the very least. To swim you need a pool as well! To play mobile games all you need is a smartphone, an app, and a little bit of time.

Because of the ease with which you access your mobile casino, many people in high-pressure jobs use the mobile casino as a kind of calming mechanism. In this sense, the casino is similar to deep breathing or meditation. To each his own!



If you’re old enough to remember, the graphics on the early mobile casinos were not very good. Technology hates a vacuum and many brilliant people went to work devising ways to improve mobile graphics. Today the graphics on most mobile casino apps is excellent.

The graphics are so good and mobile devices are also so advanced that mobile gaming has become the default gaming platform for most gamers. After all, which way to play casino games is preferable: to sit at your desktop or to lounge comfortably on a sofa or soft armchair?

In fact, many gamers take their late generation tablets into bed along with their significant other and together they play some of the lighter mobile pokies before drifting off.

Money Management

We touched upon this subject a bit above when we mentioned the high cost of traveling to a land-based casino. Mobile casinos have a higher return to player rate than land-based casinos have because of the lower overhead of running an internet casino. The higher win rates translate into longer lasting bankrolls.

The minimum bets in pokies are pretty standard but the minimum bets in most other games are not standard. At a land-based casino, you might look in vain for a low stakes blackjack table. Many blackjack lovers reluctantly play at higher stakes tables than they would like to play at simply because the higher stakes table is the only table available.

We mentioned above that you can play for as little as a few minutes at a mobile casino. You would likely never do so at a land-based casino. So, a mobile casino is ipso facto a better way to conserve your bankroll.

Few Distractions

There are many distractions at a land based casino.  Hostesses come around offering free alcoholic beverages. Many people, women especially, are dressed provocatively which is certainly a distraction to most men.

The one distraction that you get at a mobile casino that you don’t get at a land based casino is the time of day. Land based casinos don’t have windows or clocks so you lose track of the time and of day and night. This causes a lot of gamers to continue playing when they should be sleeping or eating a regular meal.

The best way to really enjoy online gaming is to remember that it is first and foremost entertainment. It is ALL ABOUT FUN. So please keep a balance and enjoy mobile online gaming as part of your relaxation time. Make the FREE SPINS work for you!

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