Online Casino Free Spins Give You Tons of Fun

For every pokies player, free spins are the straw that stirs the drink. There are three primary ways online casinos award free spins: in their Welcome Package, as part of a promotion, and in the actual pokies you play and love.

More Free Spins Online

There are more online casino free spins than free spins at land based casinos for a few reasons. First, land based casinos have to fit in as many pokies machines as they can within their walls. They also have to provide several of the most popular pokies because they are the ones their players most often want to play. At an online casino, there are no walls and there is unlimited space so they can offer “only” one of hundreds of pokies and there is never a queue waiting to play the games.

More people playing means more free spins.

Why Play at an online casino?

Because Online is Better!

When was the last time you were offered free spins at a real, land-based casino? Never?! That’s right – because free spins bonuses and promotions is something you’ll find ONLY at an online casino. Monthly, weekly, daily and hourly promotions are brimming with free spins – and you keep your winnings!

Gaming just doesn’t get any better than this!!!

Flexibility of Online Free Spins

Secondly, at an online casino, you can receive an offer for free spins and you don’t have to use them right away. You can take the free spins one week and use them the next week or even the next month! If you get free spins whilst you’re at a land based casino, you’ll want to use them as soon as you can because you’ll be returning home soon.

Because of the greater flexibility at online casinos, players look for free spins as a promotional offer at an online casino whilst at a land based casino players look for free meals, free drinks, and possibly a free hotel room.

“Welcome to Our Casino”

Finally, online casinos have begun to add free spins to their Welcome Packages. Online casinos are so accessible since you don’t have to travel to play there, and there are now thousands of reputable online casinos, that they have to find ways to attract new players and to retain veteran players. One of these ways is to offer free spins to new players.

With the advent of much better Instant Play technology, many online gamers play at several casinos directly in their favourite browser. The ease with which players can access any online casino means that the casinos have to be on their toes to offer great bonuses. For players from New Zealand, these bonuses often become online casino NZ free spins.


Here are five examples of free spins offered by our most popular NZ casinos.

allfreespins uptown pokies


Uptown Pokies has got to be renamed THE Free Spins Casino. This excellent online casino starts you off right with 350 (!) free spins as part of their Welcome Package. Then....go to their Promotions page to find dozens of special promo bonus codes updated each month. And most of their promos include free spins: 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, and even 200 Free Spins!

allfreespins ripper casino


This fine online casino offers a $10 FREE Welcome Bonus to all new players.  You read that right - a FREE bonus - no deposit necessary.  Just use the Coupon Code TOOEASY and you'll get free money.  And free money = free spins.  So get on it right away!

allfreespins playcroco logo


The more you play at PlayCroco Casino, the more CrocoSpins you'll be credited with. CrocoSpins are handed out DAILY at PlayCroco. All you have to do is play and the CrocoSpins will keep on coming. Want more? Type CROCOSPINS at the cashier and check your account for more Crocospins = free spins.

Fairgo casino logo


FairGo Casino has more Free Spins offers than we can tell you about here. Besides 100s of their slots games having free game bonuses, many of the casino's promotions include free spins. Check out the promotions page for hot items like these: New Game bonus = 30 free spins, Fun Monday gives you 25 Free Spins on a featured game, Miami Jackpots Hot Promo is giving away a cash bonus PLUS 30 free spins. And more!

Ozwin casino logo


Ozwin Casino gets you off to a beaut Free Spins start! Welcome Bonus #1 and Welcome Bonus #2 grant you a total of up to $4000 in cash PLUS 100 Free Spins. Be sure to check back often, because the Pokie of the Month, keeps the free spins trend alive with a 125% daily bonus PLUS 30 Free Spins - gotta love those free spins!

Free Spins Bonus Rounds

Almost every pokies game has a free spins bonus round. Some games even have two or more bonus rounds of free spins.

In most pokies, the scatter symbol wins in all positions and three or more send you to the free spins bonus round. One of the best reasons to play pokies online is that you can play so many more games online than at a land-based casino and you can sample the many different ways online casinos add to the excitement during the free spins rounds.

Here are just a few of the many added bonuses you’ll get at the casinos we recommend on this site.


Sometimes a win with a wild symbol has a multiplier in the regular game. In those games, the multiplier often increases in the bonus rounds. Sometimes, all wins in the bonus rounds have a multiplier!

There is also sometimes another extra aspect to the great multiplier bonus. You might be asked to choose between more free spins with a smaller multiplier or the opposite, a higher multiplier with fewer free spins. Some players prefer to go with more free spins and some prefer the higher multiplier! Usually, players go from one option to the other as their hunch dictates.

Sticky Wilds

In this extra bonus, every wild symbol stays in place for the rest of the free spins. This adds a tremendous amount of wins to any free spins bonus round.

Expanding Wilds

In this bonus, the wild symbol may expand to cover two or more spaces on a reel. In some cases, the wild symbols expand to cover an entire reel! Sometimes, the wild symbols expand horizontally to include spaces on adjacent reels!

Cascading Reels

Here the symbols that gave you a win cascade off the screen, the remaining symbols cascade down to fill all empty spaces, and then new symbols come cascading down to fill the remaining empty spaces. Not only is it fun to watch the symbols cascade down, but this bonus also adds a lot of wins.

Free Spin Symbols

In some bonus rounds, you’ll get one or more free spins if a specified symbol comes up during the bonus round.

Retrigger Spins

In many free spins bonus rounds, you can retrigger the full complement of free spins by getting three or more scatter symbols whilst you’re in the bonus round.

All Free Spins

As you can imagine, we love getting free spins, playing free spins, and reporting to you about the free spins we have encountered at thousands of online casinos.

So, come to all free spins often to hear the latest from the vast world of online pokies free spins.

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