No Deposit Bonuses Get New Players Started in Grand Style

One of the best ways to get started at any online casino is with a no deposit bonus. These bonuses come in various shapes and sizes and they all serve the same purpose: giving you a free chance to peruse about the casino sampling many of the games on offer there.

Welcome No Deposit

There are three types of no deposit bonuses that casinos give to new players. One is a cash bonus. This is usually somewhat moderate but gives the new player a very good welcome to the casino. New players don’t expect big no deposit bonuses. Most new online players are aware that deposit bonuses at online casinos can get up into the thousands of dollars so they are very understanding when the no deposit bonus is relatively small.

The second type of no deposit bonus is the free spins no deposit bonus. This type of bonus is actually preferred by many gamers even though in effect it is the same as a cash award without a deposit. Put simply, there is a deep psychological element to getting free spins.

We recommend the finest free spins no deposit NZ bonuses because we know that our readers like this type of no deposit bonus the best.

The third type of no deposit bonus is free play over a specified amount of time – usually an hour or two. These bonuses have the most restrictions as far as allowed games and maximum amounts of money that you can win.

FREE SPINS, FREE SPINS, and more free spins!

Spin Away....

What better way to play slots than with no deposit free spins! Casino bonuses come fast and furious at all the casinos we recommend. And all the better when they’re free, no-deposit-required bonuses.

So choose a casino and start enjoying your free spins bonuses NOW!

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High Roller Bonuses

People who can genuinely afford to devote large sums of money to online casino entertainment are often rewarded with all sorts of gifts and other benefits. The best online casinos assign an account manager to every high roller. Her (or his) job is to pamper the high rollers in their charge as much as possible.

Account managers learn about important dates in the high roller’s family and buys appropriate gifts. They also ask the high rollers what type of excursions and trips they like and they often arrange for exactly that type of excursion or trip.

So a high roller that likes football will not necessarily get a ticket for a concert of classical music. On the other hand, many football fans also like classical music!

The types of gifts that an account manager might arrange for their high rollers is as endless as the number of events people like to attend.

Ongoing No Deposit Bonus

Every online casino has some type of bonus that we can loosely call a no deposit bonus because you get the bonus without making any additional deposit.

Comp Points

Every casino has its own term for this type of promotion but they all amount to the same: you get points for every bet you make and eventually you can redeem the points for casino credits. So, whilst you did, of course, wager to get the points in the first place, you get the casino credits for no additional deposit.

Sometimes a casino will invite regular players to accept a no deposit bonus. In many cases, the bonus is for high rollers but it can also be given to average players. A high roller no deposit bonus can be quite generous and the same type of bonus to regular players will be correspondingly modest. Still, even a modest no deposit bonus is a welcome treat that casinos give to players from time to time.

Cash Back

This type of no deposit bonus is similar to comp points but it uses a formula that returns a percentage of wagers back to gamers without first converting the wagers into points. In many cashback promotions, the type of games played is not relevant as the bonus is determined by the total sum of all wagers. In the comp points promotion, pokies are more valuable than table games, for example.


We like to recommend online casinos that run a number of tournaments. The two most popular tournaments are for pokies and for poker. There are many great reasons that gamers like to play in tournaments.

First, the entry fee is usually very small indeed—generally no more than $20. This is a very small fee to pay for a week’s worth of tournament action. For tournament players, the action is entertainment enough; they don’t need to compete for big prizes or big jackpots.

Second, because tournaments last from a day to a week or longer, players can get a lot of gaming fun at very little cost.

Casinos that run tournaments often have several going on at the same time. This is wonderful for tournament players who simply love this type of gaming.

Finally, many casinos will pay the entry fee for given tournaments. These tournaments are called freerolls because that is exactly what the players do: they play for free.

Unlimited Free Play

Online casinos have a great advantage over land-based casinos in that online casinos have no walls. Space is virtually infinite so online casinos have no problem offering unlimited free play to gamers.

Land based casinos can’t possibly match this type of no deposit bonus since, given their massive operating overhead, they need real money gamers at every terminal and at every table in order to cover those high expenses and still make a profit.

All Free Spins

In the dynamic world of online casino gaming, there is always a lot of change and innovation. A decade or so ago no online casino offered a no deposit bonus to new players. The size of new player deposit bonuses also keeps going up.

As the number and type of no deposit bonuses increases, the rules that govern them may change from time to time. We are committed to providing you with all the latest information about all aspects of online casino gaming.

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