Playing for Real Money Adds an Element of Excitement to Every Game

Free spins are great! Everyone agrees with that statement. However, not all free spins are created equal. In this article, we will explore the difference between playing free spins for free and playing free spins for real money.

A Short Review

Just to review the idea of free spins quickly, we have four types of free spins. You can get free spins with your Welcome Package as a new player at an online casino, you can get free spins as part of an ongoing or one time only promotion, and you can get free spins during the course of almost all pokies. Finally, you can always play for free at an online casino since they have virtually unlimited space and can easily afford to let players play for free.

Real Money Free Spins!

How Can That Be?

How can it be free and for real money? Well, that’s the beauty in the casinos we recommend. Free Spins CAN win you real money! Look for the free spins feature in most slots games, free spins bonuses, and promotions offering free spins. The spins may be free, but the cash you win is very real money!

No time like the present – spin for real money NOW!

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The free spins you get as part of your new player Welcome Package may have restrictions. For example, a casino might allow you to use the free spins on specific pokies so that you don’t win a progressive jackpot with free spins. There might also be a restriction on how much you can actually win with those free spins. Nonetheless, free spins are worth money when you win and they are also a great way to discover games you might not have played otherwise.

Free spins as part of the Welcome Package are similar to a no deposit cash bonus which may also have some restrictions. We often recommend casinos with a no deposit bonus or free spins because they are great even if there is a limit to how much you can win or which games you can play. In short, you can play free spins or use a no deposit bonus and win real money at our top NZ casinos.

Come One Come All

Free spins as part of a promotion may also have some restrictions. You can understand why: the casino wants to give you the free spins but they don’t want to have to pay out a big jackpot to a player who didn’t play for real money.

Free Play

By now it should be clear that if you are playing for free, you won’t win any money. Free play is one of the ways many online gamers conserve their bankrolls: they have a set budget and like the games so much that they go from real money gaming to free play in order to stay within their budget.

Bonus Rounds

The free spins you get as part of the regular play in an online pokies game that you put down real money to play have no restrictions. This is the key reason why free spins for real money is so potentially profitable. Now we will run down many of the advantages of playing free spins you get in the bonus rounds when you play for real money.

Progressive Jackpots

You won’t win a progressive jackpot unless you bet the maximum on the winning pay line. The best online casinos have several progressive jackpots available. Most are in pokies and the casinos may also have a progressive jackpot in blackjack, roulette, or even bingo!

There are two types of progressive jackpots. One is completely in-house. That means that the casino provides the jackpot entirely through real money wagers from all the players playing that game. In-house progressive jackpots usually have much smaller jackpots than the ones that are network-wide. For that reason, many gamers looking to win a progressive jackpot and also to conserve their bankroll enter these games since the maximum bet on all the pay lines is relatively small.

The second type of progressive jackpot is network-wide. It is usually sponsored by the game provider which takes a few pennies from every bet made on that game from all over the world. These jackpots can reach seven figures quite quickly since they are also fun games to play in addition to having high jackpots.

Slots Features

When you play for real money, you get all the benefits of the many ways pokies have to enhance your winning chances and the size of your wins in the free spins bonus rounds.

Multipliers are one popular way pokies enlarge your bonus round wins. Most multipliers are for 3x or 5x the basic win total but some can get as high as 100x or in rare cases 1000x! Multipliers at such rarified heights require a great deal of luck but luck is always the key to winning at real money pokies. Every online casino likes to show the many real money gamers who have won large jackpots or simply very big wins. In other words, there is a lot of good luck floating around cyberspace!

There are many ways the game developers use the wild symbol to enhance winning in the bonus round. The wilds may “stick” to the reel they land on until the free spins are used up. The wild symbol may expand to cover more than one space on a reel or even an entire reel. The wild symbol may also expand to cover more than one reel.

In many pokies, you can retrigger the full complement of free spins if you get three or more scatter symbols whilst spinning the free spins.


A lot of players love the sound of a big win! For most such online pokies players, the size of the win is less important than the sound they get when they score a big win. The background sound plays a big role in the overall enjoyment most gamers feel when they are playing pokies online.


When you play for real money, there is an undeniable extra sense of excitement. This does not contradict the value of playing in free play mode when you want to conserve your bankroll. The excitement of playing for real money transcends the discussion of free spins.

You can play every casino game for real money! It’s important to play responsibly and to stay within your means. When you do so, playing with free spins or playing any other casino game for real money is a great, entertaining and challenging pastime!

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